The Bagpiper

A Newsletter for Erwin & Related Families

 Volume 3, Issue 4                         Sub Sole Sub Umbra Virens                       December 2004

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The Bagpiper

A Reminder—For those who may not know—or remember—our family newsletter evolved from the announcement letters leading up to our family gathering in Wichita in June 2001. To stimulate interest in the upcoming reunion later mailings included bits of Scottish history that pertained to Erwins, as well as insights of the Erwin family in the 1700s and 1800s.

     Several mailings were made, starting in June 2000, and by March 2001 the simple single-page letter had grown into a seven-page newsletter titled simply  Reunion 2001. One of the questions asked on the post-reunion questionnaire was whether the newsletter should continue, and if so, would family members contribute news items, trivia, etc. The answer was an enthusiastic yes to continuing the newsletter, and a number of family members volunteered to act as reporters. The response was reported in the post-reunion follow-up newsletter in August, and a general format of the proposed organ was outlined as well.

   The first issue of The Bagpiper was mailed in November 2001, and succeeding issues have been sent out at the end of each calendar quarter. The stated aim of our family newsletter is to generate interest in our family heritage, as well as to report family news to our extended family members. An editorial in the first issue emphasized that our extended family included—at that time—over 500 surnames dating back to the time of Sir William de Irwyn, and that there were undoubtedly hundreds of interesting stories and anecdotes about our collateral families and their individual members. It was felt that we, as a group, had a tremendous reserve of potential material for future issues of our newsletter. Thus your editor committed to eight issues, which meant through 2002 and 2003.

At first there was a good response from family members. Several individuals wrote articles for The Bagpiper, while others notified the editor when births, deaths, marriages, graduations, etc., occurred. As time passed, however, it became increasingly necessary to solicit this information. I have enjoyed putting the newsletter together, but it became increasingly difficult to come up with suitable and interesting content to fill the seventeen pages of our newsletter (the number of pages in the two-ounce postage rate). By the beginning of 2004 it was becoming difficult to think of continuing, but by then we were preparing for Reunion 2004...not a good time to stop. 

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Donald D. Erwin, Editor