by Verna Abernathy Erwin


Their hands are all rough from years of toil.

When they planted and weeded and tended the soil.

They sit and remember and dream awhile,

Of the family they raised with the tears and they smile...

When their house was alive with noise and bustle

Of past holiday fun and gift paper rustle.

How fast went those years, just where did they go?

Did they do as they should, did they make a good show?
The door bell is ringing and in the front door

Stream those children they worked for, how their spirits soar!

The turkey and trimmings are ready to eat,

They gather around the table, their family complete.

Holding hands, they thank God for the blessings they share,

And they know that He joins them and really does care.

The old man looks at his wife across the room,

And in their hearts there's no place for gloom.

He gives her a knowing wink and a sly little grin,

Their lives aren't over, they are about to begin.

They can play with their grandchildren and spoil them all day,

And when they tire of them, send them on their way.
There will be time for reading and T.V. shows,

And a schedule as flexible as the wind that blows.

Thanksgiving Day is over, the children have gone,

In not many hours, a new day will dawn.
He reaches across and takes her loving hand,

Its only adornment a thin wedding band.

There is peace in their hearts and they both want to say...
"What a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Day!"


The September issue of the Bagpiper is a little early to really be thinking of a Thanksgiving dinner, but by the time December comes around most of us will have Santa Claus and a Christmas tree on our minds. But any time is a good time to think about children and grandchildren.

 Verna lives in Fresno, California with husband O.H. “Bud” Erwin.