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“Cousin” Cherie Olson, of Kent, Washington, found this on the Internet, and thought perhaps the readers of The Bagpiper might find it interesting:
Contact: John Ervin

John ERVIN Colonel
Birth: 25 MAR 1754 in Cedar Swamp, Williamsburg County, SC
Death: 1 JUN 1810 in Tuesday Morning (maybe 5/5/1810)
Note: Col. John Ervin commanded Brittons Neck Brigade of Marion's Army. He wrote the "History of the Ervins" in the "John Ervin Bible"

Note: 6/9/49 (The owner of this Bible Mrs. Sarah Sullivan Ervin has it copyrighted - & it is to go only
to Ervins - So please don't use it in any Public way.)

Bible belonged to Colonel John Ervin 1754-1810. It passed. to lineal descendant, Erasmus Powe Ervin, born at Indiantown, S. C., near Kingstree, 1878. Description of Bible: Printed by Alex- Kincaid his Majesty's Printer Edinburg MDCCLXXVI. "Allowed by authority of the General Assembly of the Kirk or Scotland, and appointed to be read in the churches." The Psalms are in METRE "To be sung in Congregations and Families." There are a number of interesting TABLES, one being, "Table of Kindred and Affinity wherein whosoever are related are
forbidden in Scriptures and by our laws to marry."

(On some extra blank pages has been written a short sketch of the IRVIN FAMILY, which I copy below):

Deeming it a privilege and duty, I hereby set down what I Know of our Family history and divers facts adjudged important for posterity to cherish. The Ereenins, Erwyns, Irvines, Ervins, trace to antiquity. For this sketch it will suffice to begin with Crynin Irwyn, Abthane of Dule, who held highest title then conferred in Scotland and was the founder of the line of Kings of the name Irvine. He married with the daughter of King Malcolm and so they became ancestors of the Scottish Kings. Later, when the Bruce fled his enemies, sanctuary was found with the Irwyns and William Irwyn became his companion. The resting place was a holly-grove and so the Holly forms part of the families Armorial Bearings. In gratitude for his Loyalty Sir William Irwyn was granted a Barrony which for a thousand years has been possessed by Irwyns To shorten these annals we continue with John Irvine, Esq., who married with daughter to his kinsman James Ervin of-Fortrie. Their son John Married as first wife his kinswoman Jeanne Irvine and their son James Irvine, Esq. was my Grandfather. He married with Elizabeth daughter to Capt. John William James and his wife Ann Wyndham. It is found that he came of a long line of William Jameses, and so to distinguish them, each also known by a double name. The Irvine, being Protestants, left the old Nation during the period of religious upheaval and settled in North Ireland. Howsoever soon conditions became intolerable and being of courageous and pioneering spirit they decided to seek a better land in America on the southern Frontier. My grandfather was a man of huge statue with piercing dark eyes, fearless, of commanding presence, and various abilities. Thru his veins coursed the blood of centuries of warriors and of his Scottish sires, who patrolled the borders of Their land repelling many invaders. It was destined that he would be a leader in rounding-up the first band of colonists for the proposed settlement on Black River in the State of So. Carolina. His family were amongst those who in 1732 blazed the trail for other footsteps to follow. This colony of some dozen families, under command of Roger Gordon sailed from Belfast and endured the hazardous passage of over two months across the Ocean, beset by Tempest, perils and untold suffering and sickness. One Irvine son perished and was consigned to the bosom of the deep. My grandfather's family was large, being Rebecca, Elizabeth, Robert, Marjory, William, Samuel, Annabella (Anne), Jeanne, Gilbert, John, Bruce, Agnes, Alexander, Hugh, (do not know the order), with a daughter-in-law and some grandchildren. Great was their sorrow when most of these passed in tragedy of a great mortality. On the voyage across the family was sorely ill and on safe arrival in Charles Towne it was necessary to tarry until health was restored. Subsequently the sons Robert and John, last named being only a lad, with a sister, being of hardihood and daring hearts, were in the vanguard that opened up the trail from Charles Towne to the Kings Tree. Also of this company were our kinsmen the Jameses and Wilsons. Some two years later came our kinsmen the Witherspoons and others.

The lad John Ervin was my father, and he later married with Elizabeth daughter to Robert Ellison, Esq. In South Carolina our name soon became to be spelled Ervin. Oft have I heard my father tell of this pioneering enterprise, of how their small vessel crept cautiously up the dark tortuous reaches of the Black River, bordered with thickly forested swamps that shut out the daylight. Their apprehensions for safety increased when oft the silence was shattered by hideous and unearthly screams of wild things. On reaching The Kings Tree, great was their surprise to find nothing but primeval wilderness. Notwithstanding the company scattered to select home sites near streams or springs. The Irvines chose a bluff about a mile distant and set to work to fell the mighty trees and clear away undergrowth. A crude shelter was erected tight on the sides of the prevailing winds. Later when joined by the balance of the family a large cabin was

built with thatched roof and mud chimneys.

My father was one of the few forthright and outspoken patriots of our District at commencement of the struggle for Independence. His business oft carried him to George Towne and Charles Towne so he remayned better posted and saw the future more clearly than most of his neighbors. From the first he cast his lot with America and influenced many others in those early days. He was most wrathful over the Stamp Act and advised every one to refuse to buy the tea that had been shipped to Charles Towne. He assumed the office of Commissary - gathered equipment and medicine for our great cause. Grandmother Elizabeth, that grand Matriarch and venerable war- Heroine, used her great skill as a nurse in those times before our section got organized. She
suffered blindness in later life. Mother and my wife Jane also did their part nobly by securing information for my Regiment and for General Marion. We were a house united in one greate purpose -a fight to the finish for Liberty and America. Our kinsmen the James family from their arrival in 1732 on thru the dark days of the great struggle, gave without stint of their time and talent to the welfare of our District. It was William James, brother to my grand mother, who named Williamsburg, and it was his son the daring Major John James of many brave exploits who organized the men of our District and could have led them in battle, but instead he recommended his friend Francis Marion. This was the beginning of Marion's Brigade of which my regiment was a part. Our Kinsmen among the Ellisons and Witherspoons were conspicuous in their life and death fight for freedom; howsoever the last named were more prone to the church.

Now my children - I adjure you, hold fast to your hearts always, your grande and glorious Heritage. Your forbears have laid downe requisite precepts for you to follow. May they be a stimulus to laudable ambition, soe you will make worthy contributions to your country, be a faithful servant to your church and add renown and splendor to the History of the Irvine Family. My blessings rest upon you. May Jehovah be with you and prosper you."

 (In the middle of the Bible are the usual pages for Family Records.)

I John Ervin was born on Monday Mar 25th 1754.

Jennet (Jane) Witherspoon daughter to Gavin W. who became my lst wife Thursday 23rd Jan'y 1753.

Margaret Ervin daughter to Hugh E - my second wife B. Sabbath 22nd June 1770.

Samuel my son - born Sat. at 12 O'clock Noon 6th July 1776

Sarah my daughter B. at 1 A. M. 21st Sept. 1777.
John my son born 20 min aft 5 A. M. on 26th March 1780.

Elizabeth my daughter - born 2 A.M. Sabbath 6th Jan. 1782, during Blizzard.

Jane my daughter B. Wed. morning 2nd Jan.1784 at 10 o'clock of the day.

John my son 20th Nov. 1786 at sunrise.

James Robert rny son B. at 35 min. to 5 Nov. 7 1788 of an evening.

Hugh son by wife Margaret B 9th July 1792 about 1/2 hr. after sunrise.

Mary daughter by Margaret B. 21st Nov. bwt. 12 and 1 oclock of the day 1794.

John 3rd of that name in my house b. at 5 P.M. Friday on 2nd Dec. 1796.

(In different writing)

Grandmother & ) (Laura Catherine Nelson was born Friday 19th Feby 1821 Grandfather of ) (Sen. Sam E. ) (John Witherspoon Ervin B. Monday 27th Mch 1823
Lawrence Nelson Ervin B. 17th October 1845
Elizabeth Gotea Wilson B. 3rd June 1850.
Erasmus Powe Ervin B. Oct. 30, 1878.

John Irvine Sr. Esq. Entered Holy Estate of Matrimony with Elizabeth daughter to Robt. Ellison Esq. at 11 A. M. on 28th Dec. yeare 1744/5 By Rev. John Rae.

Hugh Irvine/Sr. married with Mary daughter to Robert Ellison on 29th Dec. 1751 on Sabbath.

Margaret Irvine married with Jno Edwards on 2nd May 1772 at 10 o'clock of a morning.
John Ervin/ Jr. & Col. was united in Matrimony with Jane daughter to Gavin Witherspoon
Evening of 10th Jan. 1775. Ceremony by Rev. James Edmonds. She is descendant of Reformer John Knox.

Robert Ervin married together with Jane Ervin on 18th September 1788.

Sara Ervin with Richard Welch, Soldier of American Revolution son of James W. of Charleston and descendant of Reformer John Welch - on 10th June 1791.

John Ervin/Jr. and Margaret Ervin daughter to Hugh E. on Evening of 6th Oct. 1791.

(Different writing)

James Robert Ervin to Elizabeth Powe daughter to General Erasmus Powe Noon 3rd Feb. 1813.

John Ervin - Harriet Glenn Pope on June 5th 1827.

James Robert Ervin to Mrs. Ann Vereen 2nd Jan. 1834

John Witherspoon Ervin with Laura Catherine Nelson grand-daughter of Capt. Jared Nelson on
21st Nov. 1844. (Grandfather & Mother of Sen. Sam Ervin)

Laurence Nelson Ervin to Elizabeth Gotea Wilson on 27th Dec. 1871.

Erasmus Powe Ervin to Sara Lucile Sullivan on March 6, 1907. (? )
James Irvine Inf. passed on April 3rd 1753

John Ervin or Irvine my honored father Departed this life at 12 o'clock of the day on 18th Mch. 1773.

James Irvine Esq. my venerable gr. father son to John and grandson to John passed on Sabbath
morn. at 3 o'clock of 31st July 1776 ripe in years.

Elizabeth Ervin grand daughter to John in fall of 1766

Robert Ellison Esq. my grandfather passed on 1st May 1772.

John Ervin my son died on Oct. 9th, 1780, 8 months.

Elizabeth James Irvine departed this life Sat. evening at 11 O'clock on 1st Dec. 1782 in midst of her family.

Hugh Ervine/Sr. passed on 25 Sept. at 20 min. after noon 1785.

James Ervin passed on 13th Sept. 1784.

Jane Ervin my Daughter on 14th Aug. 1786, aged 2 years.

John Ervin my son passed on 13th Nov. 1788, aged 2 years.

Jane Witherspoon Ervin my wife - at daybreak Friday 20th Sept. 1790, Aged 37 years.

Sara Ervin my daughter - on 26th Jan. 1791, aged 14 years.

Elizabeth Ervin my loving mother and consort to John Ervin Sr. passed about midnight 18th
Nov. 1795, lamented by family and community.
Mary my daughter by Margaret - on 3rd Oct. 1796.

Robert Ervin passed on 30th Jan. 1797. (Son of John Ervin Sr.)

Margaret Ervin my wife departed this life 3rd Aug. 1798 in her 28th year.

(Different Writing)
Col. John Ervin distinguished leader in War of American Revolution departed this life on Tuesday morning first of June 1810.

Hugh Ervin on 24th July 1817.

Samuel Ervin on fifth May 1823.

Elizabeth Powe Ervin wife of James Robert E. - died Friday 8th June 1832.

James Robert Ervin passed away on Sunday of 26th June 1836.

John Ervin died on 5th Nay 1876.

Laura C. Nelson Ervin on Friday 29th July 1887 at 1 P.M.

Father: John ERVIN b: 1716
Mother: Elizabeth ELLISON b: 1719 in Prior to 1720

Marriage 1 Jane WITHERSPOON b: 23 JAN 1753
Married: 10 JAN 1775 in Rev James Edmonds
1. Samuel ERVIN b: 6 JUL 1776 in born Sat. at Noon
2. Sara ERVIN b: 21 SEP 1777 in Born at 1am
3. John ERVIN b: 26 MAR 1780 in 5:20AM
4. Elizabeth ERVIN b: 6 JAN 1782 in 2AM Sabbath during Blizzard
5. Jane ERVIN b: 2 JAN 1784 in 10am
6. John ERVIN b: 20 NOV 1786 in Sunrise
7. James Robert ERVIN b: 7 NOV 1788 in 4:25PM

Marriage 2 Margaret ERVIN b: 22 JUN 1770
Married: 6 OCT 1791 in Evening
1. Hugh ERVIN b: 9 JUL 1792 in 1/2 Hour after Sunrise
2. Mary ERVIN b: 21 NOV 1794 in between 12 & 1PM
3. John ERVIN b: 2 DEC 1796 in 3rd of that Name b.5pm Friday

Marriage 3 Hannah BLACKWELL no other data
Married: 10 OCT 1801

That's all folks...but if the above rings a bell it may be a "connection."          -Editor