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Recent Births


Elizabeth Ann “Lizzie” Adam was born July 27, 2005 in Heidelberg, Germany where her father serves in the United States Army. She is the third child and second daughter of James Christopher Adam and Debbie Ann Drinen Adam. Grandparents are James and Gloria Hutchison Adam of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and great-grandparents are Edgar and Joanne Austin Hutchinson of Altoona, Kansas. Flossie Erwin Austin was one of Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmothers, and she is also a seventh great-granddaughter of Catherine Nancy Cowan Erwin.



Katrina, Ophilia, & Riva

 Many of us have friends and family members who live in or near the path of the most recent hurricanes. Here are the reports of a few:

  •   Alf & Norma Hansen, Deland, Florida: “It missed us this time.”

  • Sylvia Smith, Franklinton, Louisiana: “... no phones, no newspapers, no electricity, no cell phones, no gasoline, no grocery stores (or any other kind open), no mail service, etc. Our house survived intact but all of our beautiful trees are on the ground. Our electricity was off for two weeks. Our phone service is now working part time. Gas stations and grocery stores are now open in some places. Our son and my husband traveled to Baton Rouge several times to buy generators, gasoline, groceries, and other necessities for the first few days after Katrina hit.

  • Joe & Joy Vaccari, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida: “We just finished renovating our house from a previous hurricane. We’re thankful we just got a little rain from Katrina. The main part of the storm went west of us.”

  • John Wolf, Lake Wylie, South Carolina: “A lot of rain, but no damage.”

  • Nancy & Leo Smith, Ardmore, TN (on the border with Louisiana): "We out ran it. We had some minor wind damage, but nothing serious."

Out heart felt prayers go out to those friends and family members we haven't heard from, and everyone else for that matter.


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