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Kristin Kay Erwin was born May 16, 2006 in Fountain Valley, California. She weighed seven pounds three ounces, and was nineteen and one half inches long. Parents are Pamela Suzanne Erwin and Allyn Gatlin. Grandparents are Clyde and Brenda Erwin of Wichita, Kansas. Kristin is a 26th great-granddaughter of Sir William  Irwyn of Drum.


Jacob Dylan Landry came into the world on April 22, 2006 in St. Augustine, Florida. He weighed six pounds five ounces, and was eighteen and one half inches long. Parents are Amy Kay Jensen and Daniel George Landry of St Augustine. Grandparents are Mark Jensen of Bakersfield, California, Rebecca Obst of Palm Coast, Florida,   and Sue and George Landry of St. Augustine. Jacob is a great-grandson of Ruth and Don  Erwin, and is a fourth great-grandson of Frederick Wilhelm Hansen, born in 1851 in Norway, and Ella Georgina DeYoung, born in Nova Scotia in 1877.





Robert Russell Irving was born June 4, 2006 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Parents are Kate and 1st Lt  Steve Irving. Grandparents are David and Maria Russell of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi and Howard Irving who lives in Connecticut. Great-grandmother is Ruth Erwin Russell of Topeka, Kansas. Robert is a 26th great-grandson of Sir William Irwyn of Drum.


Text Box: Melvin D. Snoddy with grandson Caleb
Caleb Patrick Anthony Snoddy was born January 10, 2006 in Houston, Texas. Parents are Meisha Danielle Snoddy of Houston, Texas and Quazzy Moore of Brooklyn, New York. Grandparents are Melvin D. Snoddy of Longview, Texas, Sheryl Snoddy-Gregg of Houston, Texas, and Patrick Anthony Moore of Trinidad, BWI. The Snoddy Family Reunion was held June 16-18, 2006, in Tyler, Texas, and Caleb was baptized Sunday, June 11 in a special ceremony at the site of the old Lewis B. Snoddy Plantation near Tyler, most of which is now owned by Randall Gilbert of Tyler. Thadeus Snoddy, Caleb’s ancestor, was a thirteen-year-old slave boy at the end of the Civil War. Thad’s mother was a domestic in the plantation household, and some speculate that Lewis B. Snoddy, a son-in-law of Col. Thomas Barkley Erwin, may have been the father of Thadeus (See Thadeus P. Snoddy in the June 2004 issue of The Bagpiper).


This from Sara Jones Phillips, great-granddaughter of Thomas Washington Erwin of Calloway County, Kentucky: “Ruby Mae Jones, my mother, is now the matriarch of both sides of  the family at age 94 (Jones and Williams). She has slipped a little in the last year or so, but is still going strong by most standards. She still plays the piano at church every Sunday, has a golf cart that she tools around in all over the property here, and still drives her car  occasionally (...way to go Ruby Mae!). She isn’t comfortable in city traffic though, and likes me to drive her where she needs to go. 


Dylan M. Jensen and Amanda Jackson were married June 2, 2006 in Bakersfield, California. Dylan is the son of Mark Jensen of Bakersfield, and Rebecca Obst of Palm Coast, Florida, and is a grandson of Don and Ruth Erwin. Amanda is the daughter of Sue Creekbaum of Bakersfield. The couple    honeymooned at Lake Shasta, California, and will reside in Bakersfield.



Phil Abernathy caught this eight pound, twenty-six inch Brown Trout in the Cumberland River in Tennessee, and it is featured on the web site Phil and wife Linda live in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He is the son of Bud and Verna Erwin of Fresno, California, and is retired from Pittsburg Plate Glass Company.




On May 25, 2005, Garth Brooks proposed to girlfriend and fellow country music superstar Trisha Yearwood in front of a packed house at Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, California. In December 2005, Patricia Lynn Yearwood and Troyal Garth Brooks drove to Claremore, Oklahoma and got their marriage license at the Rogers County Courthouse. They were married on December 10, 2005, at their home in Oklahoma. It was Brooks second marriage and the third for Yearwood.

Trisha and Garth are constantly spotted at Utica Plaza in Tulsa where they shop and dine. They live on Garth’s ranch off Oklahoma State Highway 20, just northeast of Tulsa, where their new home is nearing completion. Garth is a sixth great-grandson of Joseph Erwin, Sr. (1739-1846), and Catherine Nancy Cowan (1774-1839).


Allen M. Erwin and DeAnna McCune were married May 27, 2006 in Independence, Missouri. Allen is the son of George and Susan Erwin, a grandson of George and Annadell Erwin of Wichita, and a great-great-grandson of Michael R. Erwin (1867-1953) and Minnie Freeman Erwin (1870-1960).


LTC Michael Erwin of Topeka, Kansas, a member of the   Kansas National Guard, was deployed to the Middle East June 22, 2006. Mike has three grown daughters in Wichita, Kansas and a wife, Tuesday, and eight and ten year old daughters in Topeka.  Mike is the son of Darrel and Shirley Erwin of Wichita, and the grandson of Helen Erwin of Wichita, and the late Clifford Erwin. Mike’s deployment will be for approximately one year.

Part of an e-mail message from Lt. Erwin to his parents on June 27:

I made it to Camp Xxxxx in Kuwait safely. It was a very long trip, even with airplanes. …The temperature here is around 115 degrees, and it is increasing everyday. By mid July in should be 135 degrees. The wind blew pretty strongly yesterday, around 35 mph. It was hard to see 50 feet in front of you. It is like a snowstorm. You have to keep your mouth shut or you eat sand. Even if you do you can taste and feel the grit on your teeth. Your eyes feel like they have large pebbles in them. When you take a shower you find sand in places you never thought it good get. The sand piles up just like a snow storm. The wind is still blowing today but not quite as bad.

I am actually beginning to acclimatize. I drink a couple gallons of water every day. The trick is figuring out what time in the day to stop drinking water so that you can go to bed without having to run to the bathroom all night. A proper diet also helps. The mess hall has helped a lot with that. The food is really superb, but some will have to watch what they eat, or how much, or they will be on the weight control program. The mess hall is like eating at Furr's or something like that; lots of  food and lots of desserts (including ice cream, yea).

My group is beginning to settle in. There isn't a lot to do, but still something to do in your limited off time. A gym, PX, community center, library, movie theater, open air theater, volleyball, basketball, and my favorite, a running track. I go to work about 7:30 a.m. and quit about 6:00 p.m. I try to run in the evening after the sun goes down. The sun goes down very early here. It is dark by 7:30. But it comes up very early also. I haven't been able to beat the sun up yet.


Peg Abernathy has received her Doctorate of Theology from the UCG Institute of Applied Religious Sciences in Southern California.  Dr. Abernathy is the author of:  “The Self-Full Life: A True Story That Will Help Your Soul Remember.”  She can be heard on The LIME Network, Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 114 as the voice/author of the one minute daily inspirational spots based on “The Self-Full Life.”

Dr. Abernathy is also a Hypnotherapist and freelance writer, speaker and spiritual vocalist. See: for a list of upcoming appearances.

Before obtaining her advanced degree, she was the Los Angeles Territory Manager for Roche Diagnostics. Dr. Abernathy was also an alternate delegate in the year 2000 Presidential Election and her speech at the caucus was on healthcare reform and patient advocacy.

Dr. Abernathy is the daughter of Verna Abernathy-Erwin and Bud Erwin of Fresno, California. She is married to Emmy award winning editor and post-production consultant, Pete   Fausone. They live in Southern California and have been married for twenty-nine years.


Wedding Anniversaries in 2006

(in increments of five years)

Crystal  & Pat Erwin: Twenty years on February 14

Ruth & Don Erwin: Forty years on May 7

Anita & Loyd Evans: Forty years on June 9

Kim & Bill Hall: Fifteen years on July 3

Donna & Bill Kepley: Fifty years on May 27

Norma & David Lane: Fifty years on February 18

Sara Jane & Gene King: Fifty years on November 14

Connie & Jim Miller: Twenty years on August 2

Carolyn & Carmon Parks, Jr.: Forty years on April 10

Theresa & Richard Perry: Forty years on June 9

Christine & Christopher Pisarik: Ten years on November 27

Susan & Brian Reed: Five years on June 2

Carla & Leo Edward Smith: Ten years on November 7

Amanda & Tracy Smith: Ten years on June 14

Ashleigh & Russell Whitaker: Ten years on September 7


Marriages One Hundred Years Ago:

John H. Critz & Una Lee “Cassy” Erwin: February 20, 1906

Clarence Coulson & Gretchen Crocthett: September 8, 1906

James Henry Erwin & Judy Scoggins: January 6, 1906

Joseph E. Erwin & Mary P. Outland: October 7, 1906

William K. Evans & Elizabeth Steel Erwin: June 20, 1906

Charles M. Hart & Susan H. Erwin: November 7, 1906

Victor Linek & Louisa Erwin: 1906

James W. Marriott & Myrtle K. Erwin: November 4, 1906

Charles Moyers & Mabel Margaret Combs: June 6, 1906


Wanda & Rob Erwin, of Murray, Kentucky, recently visited Tyler, Texas. One of the two main streets that go east and west by Court House Square, is Erwin Street. It was named for Col. Thomas Barkley Erwin (1792-1868), the eldest child of Joseph Erwin, Sr. and Catherine Nancy Cowan. Col. Erwin was one of the "city fathers" of Tyler, and he and wife Elizabeth are buried in Oakwood Cemetery near downtown Tyler.