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Recent Births


Gavin Mika Daugherty was born May 17, 2005 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He weighed eight pounds and eight ounces and was twenty-one inches long. Gavin is the son of Eric Mika Frain and Amber  Dawn Dougherty of  Virginia Beach, Virginia. Grandparents are Kathleen and Mark Burton of Norfolk, Virginia, and great-grandparents are Jean Flaherty Sharp of Scottsdale, Arizona and Stanley J. Sharp (deceased). Gavin is a 4th great-grandson of Frederick Wilhelm Hansen. Frederick was born in Bergen, Norway and  emigrated to the United States in the 1870s.

Ian Campbell Korsen came into the world at 12:03 AM on June 2, 2005 in San Clemente, California. He weighed eight pounds and seven ounces, and was twenty-one inches long. Parents are Dawn and Aaron Korsen of San Clemente, grandparents are James W. Campbell of Redmond, Oregon and Mary Jane Lind of California, and great-grandparents are Helen Erwin Campbell of Hemet, California, and Richard Lovejoy Campbell (deceased). Ian is a 26th great-grandson of Sir William Irwyn of Drum, and is also a direct descendant of the Campbell Clan in Scotland.





Andrew Lane Burghardt Price Awarded Internship

with Austin American Statesman


Andrew Price was awarded a photography internship with the Austin American Statesman for this summer. Andy (as he is known by the family) is a senior at the University of Texas at Austin.  He has received several awards for art and for photography, including the "Outstanding Student Photographer" for the Daily Texan as an undergraduate. Last spring he served as the photo editor for that student newspaper. Andy plans for the coming year are somewhat fluid: he may graduate early if he is awarded another internship (away from Austin) or he may choose to study photography abroad in Central or South America.

Andy Price is descended from Joseph S. Erwin, a Baptist minister, and Elizabeth Rogers.  Joseph and Elizabeth's son, Alexander Rogers Erwin was a Methodist Minister and Principal. Alexander married Louisa Eleanor Boyd. William Hanna Erwin, son of Alexander and Louisa Erwin came from Nashville, TN, to Burnet County, TX, in about 1880. There William Hanna married Sarah Ann Tomlinson.  Their youngest daughter, Sallie Will Erwin, was Andy's great grandmother. Sallie Will married Theodor Low Price. Theo and Sallie Will's son, Donald Theodor Price was Andy's grandfather. Richard Lane and Glenda Bernice Burghardt Price are Andy's parents.

                                                                                           Contributed by Lane and Glenda Price


An Eagle Scout

Brandon James Moore began his scouting journey in the first grade when he became a Cub Scout. After earning the Arrow of Light—which is the highest award in Cub Scouts—he crossed over into Boy Scouts on February 11, 2003.

Beginning as a Tenderfoot, he worked his way through the various ranks, or achievement levels, leading up to Eagle. Each rank has definite requirements, such as service hours to the community, learning and achieving new skills, and holding leadership positions within the troop. He also earned Merit Badges along the way.  A Scout must earn at least twenty-one, such as Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation and Citizenship in the World, Environmental Sciences, etc., in order to earn the rank of Eagle.

When a Scout reaches the next-to-highest rank of Life Scout it is required that he get involved in a community project. The young man must plan and lead the project in every aspect.  Brandon began to seek a project that was long lasting, serviced the community in some way, and benefited a non- profit organization.

Brandon lead a team of adults and fellow Scouts that  built a twelve-by-twelve-foot covered pavilion for the Center for Child Protection in Austin, Texas. He also placed a picnic table and two benches under the pavilion, as well as completing the project with appropriate landscaping. He had thirty-one  contributors, and raised over $2600. Once his project was completed, and all the paperwork done, he went before a group of adults to be reviewed about his project, his Scouting experiences, and his personal goals. The review process is called an "Eagle Board of Review." If the adults feel that the young man is worthy he is approved for the rank of Eagle Scout.

Brandon was approved on Jan 11, 2005, and had his Eagle Court of Honor on Saturday, April 16th, 2005. This was the ceremonial presentation of the Eagle Medal to Brandon. The rank of Eagle is the highest award in Boy Scouts. Only four percent of the boys who join Scouting attain this rank, and they must attain it before their eighteenth birthday.

Brandon earned his Eagle rank at the age twelve, and is among an elite group of young men to do so at such an early age. He is a very focused young man and is certainly on the right track for a very bright future. He is enrolled in all Honor classes at school, and has had the highest GPA in his class for the past two years . He was also the youngest winner of the 2005 KVUE 24 Five Kids Who Care Community Service
winners. He received a $1,000 savings bond from the KVUE 24 and Slack & Davis Attorney Firm.

Brandon James Moore descends from a long line of Erwins. He is the 4th great-grandson of Joseph S. Erwin and Elizabeth Rogers. Joseph Erwin was the son of James N. Erwin, Jr. and Jennet Andrews of Rowan Co, NC and Natchez, MS.  Brandon's 3rd great-grandparents were Alexander Rogers Erwin and Louisa Eleanor Boyd. About 1880, Brandon's 2nd great-grandfather, William Hanna Erwin, came to Burnet County, TX from Nashville, TN, where he married Sarah Ann Tomlinson

                                                                       Contributed by Donna Moore, a very proud mother




Carson Shea Dunlap, grandson of Chris and Michelle Dunlap of Ottawa, Kansas, graduated from Ottawa Middle School Eight Grade on May 25. Michelle is a descendant of Levi Ambrose Freeman of Elk County, Kansas, and is an active family researcher.

Kirsten L. Dalseg graduated from the University of Washington, in Seattle, Washington, on June 11, 2005, with a B.S. in Microbiology. Congratulations! Kirsten is the daughter of Ralph and Gwendolyn Dalseg of Mount Vernon, Washington, granddaughter of Ralph and Lillian (deceased) Dalseg, and Thomas and Ellen Prater, and the sixth great-granddaughter of James (b. 1757) and Margaret Erwin (b. 1759) Todd of Rowan County, NC.

Editor’s note: Margaret Peggy Erwin was the second child of Joseph Erwin (born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland) and Agness Reed, and the granddaughter of James N. Irvine (Erwin), our immigrant ancestor.

Tyler Don Stein graduated from Alva High School, Alva Oklahoma on May 20, 2005. His parents are Jimmie Don and Diana Sue Greer Stein and grandparents are Judith Sue White and Eldon G. Greer, Jr. of Alva. Great-grandparents are Hazel “Pauline” Walker and Harlan Wayne White (deceased); g-g-grandparents are Minnie Gertrude Erwin and David Henry Walker (both deceased), and g-g-g-grandparents are India Mae Freeman and William “Cole” Erwin. Tyler graduated in the top ten percent of his one-hundred-plus class, and will attend Oklahoma State University at Stillwater with a major in engineering.

Megan Lindy Rockwell Black, daughter of Burton and Carrie Rockwell of Bakersfield, California, graduated from Liberty High School June 9, 2005. Megan, being eager to get started in a professional career, was a student at Lyles Beauty College as well during her senior year at Liberty High, and graduated on June 2. She will take her State of California license tests later in the month. Congratulations Megan! Proud grandparents are Gary and Jean Cummins of San Diego, California.

Melanie Ann Erwin, daughter of James and Amie Erwin of Paris, Tennessee, graduated from Henry County High School in May 2005. She will attend Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky this fall. Grandparents are Rob and Wanda Erwin of Hazel, Kentucky; great-grandparents are Eva Bazzell and Herbert Franklin “Hub” Erwin (both deceased), and g-g-grandparents are Mary Elizabeth England and Thomas Washington Erwin (both deceased).

Stacy Michelle Erwin graduated from Haysville (Kansas) High School on May 21, 2005. She will attend Bulter Community College in September. Stacy is the daughter of  Major Mike Erwin of Topeka, Kansas, and Chirty Howard of Wichita. Grandparents are Darrel and Shirley Erwin of Wichita, and Darrel and Joanne Web.



Elizabeth “Kim” Erwin Hall and William E. “Bill” Hall will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary on July 3. They live in South Vienna, Ohio, and are the parents of two children: Ashlee 13, and Tyler 10. Kim is a great-great-granddaughter of Michael R. “Mike” and Minnie Freeman Erwin, and has only recently learned about her Erwin and Freeman roots.


Ruth Johanna Flaherty Erwin and Donald Dean “Don” Erwin marked thirty-nine years of marriage on May 7. A “get-away” trip to Las Vegas to celebrate the event was delayed until June 1. Their “big four-oh”celebration next year will be a more formal event so that family and close friends can share their happiness.


Mary Erwin Plog celebrated her 87th birthday in April at her home in Lodi, California. Many friends and family members were present to help mark the event. Immediate family members included son Chuck and daughters Gail and Janice; sons-in-law Bob and Lloyd; grandchildren Jaimie and Jennifer; great-grandchildren Amanda and Trinda. Many others sent best wishes. The following month Mary experienced something that many do not: sending in her final mortgage payment.

Mary is a retired school teacher, and a fourth-great-granddaughter of Catherine Cowan Erwin.                  -Ed.


Friends and immediate family members helped Hazel Pauline Walker White celebrate her 86th birthday on June 13. She is the daughter of Gertrude Minnie Erwin Walker, and the granddaughter of William Coleman “Cole” Erwin. Happy Birthday Mrs. White!

An interesting side note: A 1957 newspaper clipping contributed by Judith Sue White Greer, a daughter of Mrs. White, describes Cole Erwin “ a friend of Carrie Nation...” and “Erwin was a man who lived in a robust era of the Younger Brothers and the Jessie James boys. His own life would make a present day TV or movie Western look like a Sunday School picnic.”         -Ed.


Fifty Years! Gene Logan Erwin and Joanne Louise Scott were married January 22, 1955 in Kent, Washington. On January 15, 2005, family and friends helped them celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary, also in Kent. The list of those present was too long to list here, but the consensus seemed to be that the most popular attendee, other than Gene and Joanne, was Gene’s twin brother Troy. Congratulations Gene and Joanne.  







Gene & Joanne - 1955