Things to Ponder


Some of the Most Important Words in the English Language

The six most important words:

“I admit that I was wrong.”

The five most important words:
“You did a great job.”

 The four most important words:
“What do you think?”

 The three most important words:
“Could you please…”

  The two most important words:
“Thank you.”

 The most important word:

  The least important word:


                                                       Author Unknown



The Best Age


What is the best age of life to be alive?

This question was asked of a dozen people on a television program. One little girl said, “Two months, because you would be carried around. And you had lots of love and care.”

Another child answered, “Three years, because you didn’t have to go to school. You could do pretty much what you wanted, and could play most of the time.”

A teenager said, “Eighteen. Because you are out of high school and you can drive a car wherever you want.”

One girl said, “Sixteen, because you can have your ears pierced.”

One man replied, “Age twenty-five, because you have more pep.” The man who answered was forty-three. He said he found it hard to walk up a hill now. He said at twenty-five he used to go till midnight, but now he is asleep by 9:00 PM.

A three-year-old girl said the best age to be alive was twenty-nine. Because at that age you could lie around the house, sleep, and loaf most of the time. She was asked how old her mother was. “Twenty-nineShe replied.

Someone thought forty was the best age because you are in the prime of life and vitality.

One lady answered fifty-five, because you are over your responsibilities of raising your children and can enjoy life and your grandchildren.

One man said sixty-five, because after that you can enjoy retirement.

The last person, an elderly woman, said: “Every age is a good one. Enjoy the age you are now.”

                                                                                                         Author Unknown