Jill Anton Love and Jeff Terhune were married August 21, 2004 at Botanica in Wichita, Kansas. Jill is the daughter of Doris and Otis Anton, and the granddaughter of Oran and Flossie (Erwin) Austin, both deceased. Doris is a widow and resides in Wichita. The couple will make their home in Wichita where Jeff is a civil engineer with the City of Wichita and Jill is an English teacher at Southeast High School.


To see a slide show of their lives and wedding, go to:
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Sunshine Mathews, our granddaughter, married Mark Garside this past September. Although Ruth and I attended the ceremony I was remiss in that I didnít get all of the  information necessary  to write a complete announcement of the happy event, so I asked Sunshine to help me out by just summarizing everything. I was so moved by her response that I decided to include her e-mail message verbatim.                                                                                            -Don Erwin


Sunshine wrote:                                                       

Dear Grandpa Don:

On Sept. 28 of this year, I (Sunshine Mathews, daughter of Erik Jensen and granddaughter of Ruth Erwin) was married to Mark Garside, (son of Norman Garside and Christel De Jose). We were married at 12 noon, overlooking Lake Tahoe in Tahoe City, California. That morning's forecast called for thunderstorms and rain but God, in all His glory, made a beautiful day with a clear blue sky, a crystal calm lake, and warm weather for all to enjoy. It was more than Mark and I could ever have imagined or asked for. Approximately forty-five of our close friends and family joined us to celebrate the beginning of our new life. We very touched by all of them.  

That day still rings fresh in both of our memories, especially in remembering loved ones that have passed into heaven over the past year. Mark's mother, Christel DeJose, and his father, Norman Garside, were unable to attend our wedding. Norman Garside passed away suddenly in February of this year. Christel DeJose was unable to be with us due to her struggle with cancer, which she succumbed to last month on November 17th.  Yet in the midst of these sad times we are thankful that God has brought the two of us together, for we gain strength by sharing the sad events as well as the joyous times. God has blessed us both in so many ways.

Mark and I live in Dixon, California, which is between the Bay Area and Sacramento. We are both peace officers with the California Highway Patrol. Mark is currently assigned to the Governor's Protective Detail in Sacramento. This job is just as it sounds; he helps protect Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his family. It is quite a busy job with long hours, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Mark, and he is appreciative of that. I am currently assigned to our Anti-Terrorism unit and work in San Francisco, but also cover the whole Bay Area and travel to Sacramento often. This too is a busy job, with a steep learning curve, but I am enjoying the new challenge.

Mark and I look forward to all the surprises in life that God has in store for us. We know that as long as we keep our eyes on God we will weather whatever storm comes our way, and that we will enjoy the sunny days all the more.

God Bless,

Sunshine Mathews Garside